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Materials and care

The materials have been chosen to achieve a functional balance between fresh visual aesthetics, comfort and usability.


Durable material contributes to a timeless design, and just like the lenses of your sunglasses, most of the EARBITs are made from acrylic. This makes them lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

Why not recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is frequently combined with resin, making it unsuitable for direct skin contact. Choosing materials that are skin-friendly and comfortable for wear is essential.

Finnish birch

100% Natural. The surface of this wooden earring showcases the natural grain, while the darker, thin edge emphasizes the three-dimensionality of these almost weightless earrings.


EARBITs can be sensitive to scratches. Store them by hanging or on a soft surface as in their original package. 

Use soapwater or lens cleansing spray to wash away fingerprints and beauty products like hairspray or makeup.

Wipe and polish with soft towel which doesn't scratch the surface.