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EARBIT set | 17
EARBIT set | 17
EARBIT set | 17
EARBIT set | 17

EARBIT set | 17

149,00 €
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Modifiable combination of four designer earrings.

Modifiable combination of four different earrings. You can use the earrings separately or as combination. With set of four you can have over six different styles. EARBITs are almost weightless, so combinations of several rings don’t feel heavy.

EARBIT earrings are light as a feather, and their design enables a new way to wear and combine earrings. You don’t need to get your ears pierced. The EARBITs can be slid into place from the lower or upper edge of the earlobe, and they remain "floating in the ear" without additional fasteners.

At their best, EARBITs can also highlight the beauty of your facial features, just like good makeup and a great hairstyle. Their stylish shape has been embellished during a long development process, and they are suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or identity.


Outer diameter: 3.3 cm

2 x EARTH | S

Outer diameter: 2,4 cm

Material Acrylic and Finnish Birch

Country of manufacture: Finland

Design: Maikku Mettinen and Hammi Mettinen


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