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The Story

EARBIT earrings are the latest masterpiece of Finnish designer sisters Maikku and Hammi Mettinen, who are especially known for their playful design and innovative thinking. In the past 40 years, sisters have gained fame trough their styling services, and timeless, high-quality clothing collections, and interior design products. The new brand was founded in spring 2023, and now they are catching attention in the world of earrings. 

“Our Ideas stem from our own preferences and the talent lies in seeing things from a new perspective. I can proudly say that I have reimagined earrings, inventing this in 2021.

– Maikku Mettinen, Designer

These lightweight, non-pierced earrings with endless styling possibilities are designed for everyone regardless age, style, or identity. The materials were chosen to achieve a functional balance between fresh visual aesthetics, comfort and usability. Choosing materials that are skin-friendly and comfortable for wear is essential. 

“We embellished the stylish and funktional design during a long development process and solved the issue of heavy earrings that stretched the earlobe.”

– Hammi Mettinen, Designer

In 2024, the team expanded when Maikku`s daughter decided to join, completing the team.

"Since childhood I've followed and admired the brilliant designs of my mother and aunt. Still, they are constantly ahead of their time, possessing the ability to innovate within this ready-made-world. My skills lie outside of design and production which strengthens the team."

Mila Laine, Sales